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  • We were able to book a place during one of the busiest times of the year. It was not our first choice because Glamour Apartments has so many good options, but we had an absolutely wonderful time. Everything was handled very smoothly and we loved the location. From pick up to key exchange to the condition of the location, we were pleased with the process and would use GA again! Thank you!

  • I just want to say thank you so much for helping me to secure apartment 394 on Friday and for all your assistance. Sam likes the apartment and will, I think, be happy. With grateful thanks again, Susie

  • This is to express my gratitude to Glamour Apartments for their high quality apartment rental services. Thank you very much for your professionalism and friendly attitude to your customers. I also would like to recommend the apartment #626 for its good location, very comfortable conditions, great variety of modern equipment and a very nice landlord, who speaks English. ([email protected])

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As local does, the best way to experience Paris? That is the question that may be knocking to every individuals planning to see with Paris that is delightful. The reply is so simple. Instead of booking a hotel for your own stay, which can be only a bedroom, be sure to let one of self-catering apartments where you could have room, all the seclusion and convenience you desire. our companyapartments isn't a rental agency however a number of independent owners decided to allocate our Paris properties that are unique along with you. We can roam round the city without difficulty as every transportation facilities are often reachable and offer flats in the posh places of Pars that you can be sure in terms of security and safety.
Paris is very different than other cities as it's flourishing with life and also to spend some amazing days of your life in its center is to become part of this life. Considering affordable apartment and arriving here with family is everyone want. our companyapartments offers crucial info on renting accommodation in Paris, including the best way to v paperwork that is essential once you find your ideal Persian rental flat.
The advantages of getting a Paris flat for rent is that it offer you a far more affordable option in comparison of a hotel. Second, you may get the comforts that you have to live a regular Parisian encounter in France. With the option of kitchen in these apartments allow you relish out and to cook your own food. Also, you're able to welcome your guest at your apartment that's not possible to do in a resort in hosting.
Since the area is filled with enjoyment folks in their own life must visit the city of love a minumum of one time. Additionally there are many thing and areas to take pleasure in. There are historical places monuments, along with other sites for fans. For this reason the city is called as lovers' heaven. Furthermore there's the world famous Eiffel tower which is the center for drawing card for folks all around the world.